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The amazing Brooklyn chord ballad.

First of all what is a broken chord?
Think about the chord of C.
You already know in your right hand,  instead of playing these three notes at the same time, play them one at a time starting with the C.
So you’ve broken the chord up into three notes. Try it with your left hand C.
You’re going to make a sweeping melody line using broken chords. So first of all play a single C note two octaves to the left of middle C in your left hand. That’s one octave to octave.
You’re going to play that C note, then you’re going to play a broken C chord one octave up from that note. It’s one octave up in your right hand.
Then you’re going to lift your left hand over your right hand and play the next broken C chord another octave up in your left hand, and you’re going to bring the left hand underneath and finally play a last broken chord one octave up again in your right hand.
You’re going to keep the sustain pedal down throughout the whole sequence. Then push the right-hand sustain pedal on the lower c-note, and again and you get a nice ringing.
Now let’s see if you can play the same pattern but this time use the cord of F.
Start with the F note one octave up. Then you play a broken F chord the next broken F chord lift your hand over to your left hand under to the next F.
Okay get the idea now? To play the entire tune, use the pattern on the page with the following chord sequence.
So you start with C, F being diminished, B minor, A minor,D minor, G, C, and on another C. Let’s play it all the way through.