Program Review

Are you interested in learning to play the piano online? Then, Pianoforall is the online piano lesson program for you! Let’s find out why.

The step-by-step plan gives you a foundation that is solid when it comes to the chords and rhythms of piano playing. All of this while allowing for you to progress your skills to the point of reading by sight and playing by ear.

The program combines the use of music notation and the diagrams of the keyboard. Each lesson is supported by the combined use of diagrams and music notation which emphasizes what you have learned. In addition, you get to see your progression with a musical staff that shows what you are really playing.

At that view, you’ll be absolutely surprised what the printed paper shows as the difficulty of what you’ve played!

You will completely understand the format of each lesson with the layout of the musical staffs and diagrams in the design of the program. This will help you to better understand and visualize notation. Then, upon learning the songs you play using improvisation and technical chords, note reading is taught with the use of patterns and shapes.

This method emphasizes on providing you with the tools that are necessary to completely master every concept prior to going on the following step. This is the special uniqueness of this program when compared to other online piano lessons.

Pianoforall makes sure you are successful in learning to play the piano!

With this method of learning, you get 10 e-books of detailed and complex instruction. Plus, it includes a bonus of audio clips and 700 videos that are embedded within the pages of the book.

A point of emphasis in this Pianoforall tutorial is the practical advice offered in the speed learning e-book that speaks to how you can stay focused and rapidly progress in your piano playing skills. That is essential for you to learn how to play piano on your own. Reading by sight is an attribute that is developed as you follow this course. You’ll obtain a profound understanding of the music by analyzing individual pieces. You’ll find that the notes can be broken down into easy mathematical equations that you can build on to master the concepts that are a bit more difficult.

The ebooks in this course are some of the most extensive and technical works that you will find online. They are written in a clear, concise manner.

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When it comes to accessing the program, you can have the course software mailed to your home or download it directly from the website. The files are delivered in a PDF format. This allows for the printing of individual pages or easy view ability on your computer. Written examples are shown with embedded video and audio clips located next to them for ease of accessibility.

Now, while many positive features come with this online course, there are some slightly concerning aspects that you would want to know before you purchase the program. However, the extreme affordability of the program far outweighs those considerations.

  1. The quality of the audio and video clips are a bit limited when being compared to other similar products that have been reviewed. Yet, the information that is necessary to learn the lesson is still easily retrieved and is more than efficient based on the cost being charged for the program.
  2. Due to the program’s immense size, printing the entire book can a bit expensive when it comes to the colored ink and paper that is used. Exercising caution when printing out the PDF portion of the lesson you’re interested in, by identifying specific pages of interest to print, will help limit that expense.
  3. Complete music pieces are not included in the course. But, most of the complete pieces are available using free music sources that are available online.
  4. The program requires students to have a MIDI keyboard that is compatible with their computer. However, investing in equipment that is necessary to learn to play the piano online is an expected expense. And, with the course only costing $40, the extreme savings between it and the price you would pay hire a piano teacher, allows for the extra money to pay for an entry level MIDI keyboard.

The creator of the Pianoforall online course is Robin Hall. He is passionate about taking care of his customers and committed to their learning. As such, he is easily accessible. Should you ever need to reach out to him; you’ll find that he personally responds to your questions and does so in an extremely quick manner.

Robin creates and updates the material periodically which he emails to his customers. These updates include the latest in recommended MIDI keyboards and pianos that you can purchase. He also identifies internet music sites that you can go to, offers his reviews of music books and more.

Numerous advanced piano players and novices alike desire learning the contemporary music of popular artists. Few courses though, will start you with learning the fundamentals of chords and transition you to accomplishing this feat using actual examples.

Pianoforall is one of the courses that does.

One strength of this program is that it teaches the music of all genres, including the classical style. That style is typically omitted from several of the “playing by ear” and chord method courses that are available.

Intricate, detailed lessons are taught in video, audio and written form. This format makes the program easy to not only understand, but use as well.

 If your goal is to transpose, and your desire to improvise music, all while mastering all of the different musical styles, including knowing the theory and notation behind all of it, then this is your program!

Will the PianoforAll course work for you?

Let’s take a look and see if you agree that this program is ideal for helping you learn to play the piano.

  • All the information you need to learn how to play is put together in an easy to read, complete program that walks you step by step through the learning process.
  • The creator of Pianoforall, Robert Hall is passionate about helping people learn to play and is committed to their success. He personally responds to customer inquiries by giving out his own email address.
  • The program is always up to date with the latest information needed to help you learn and you are notified directly of those updates.
  • The program is extremely affordable and has a 60 day money back guarantee. And even though your money is returned you get to keep your piano lessons.

So knowing all this, don’t you think this program is worth a try? A teaching approach that is unique, designed perfectly for a beginner and working up to a pro, and an offer that is risk free. $40 is a small price to pay to make your dream of playing piano come true.

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